PFA tube PFA plastic tubing transparent pipe

PFA tube

LCD manufacturing equipment
Single fiber light-emitting whole body single-ended tube
Heat exchanges, steam piping
High-purity reagents pipeline
A variety of corrosive media(harsh solvents)pipeline
Submersible motor with a slot insulation tube
Air-conditioning control wiring harness assembly

Fluoride O-rings plastic tube

Utilization Characteristic:
High and low temperature resistance
Not sticky, waterproof ,oil proof
Security and insulation
Under 60HZ 60MHZ ,dielectric constant is 2.1
Even if firing ,and it will be still insulate
Volume resistance >1018 Ωm
Surface resistance >2×1013Ω
Voltaic Arc >165 seconds ,insulation
Only under high temperature ,fluorine and alkali will have chemical reaction, no reaction with all of other thick 

and thin inorganic acid, alkali ,ester
Low water absorption<0.01%
Non inflammability
Non inflammability in air (oxygen index >95vol.%)
Non hazardous
With physical inertia
High transparency
Lowest refractive index in plastic material
Weather resistance
Under ozone and sunshine for long time
Easy to process for second time
Self-close,self joining ,flanging, and it can make into coil pipe