FEP insulated tube transparent hose

product description

heat exchanger, steam piping

conveyer pipe with high purity reagent

conveyer pipe with various corrosive media

lepeth-sheath wire and cable with various frequency,

trough insulated pipe

trough insulated pipe used for submersible motor

pipe for air conditioner wiring accessories

pipe for O-style airproof loop with whole fluorin plastic



High and low temperature preservation

-200~200 high temperature No-begriming ,and no-stagnant in tube

Security and insulation

Under 60HZ60MHZ high and low temperature , permittivity is 2.1.

If firing, and will still insulate .

Volume resistance1018Ωm

Surface resistance2 X 1013Ω

Voltaic Arc165 seconds insulation



Erode preservation

Under high temperature,fluorin and alkali will reaction with PFA, no reaction with other organic acid.

Low water absorption 0.01%

Non firing

Non firing in air(oxygen index 95vol.%)

No poison

With physical inertia

High diaphaneity

Lowest refractive index in plastic material


Under ozone and sunshine for long time

Easy to process for second time

Self-close,,self-joining ,and self-turning