FEP film for 3D printers LCD DLP SLA resin tank with high surface flatness and excellent release effect

FEP release film for DLP/LCD 3D printers SLA photosensitive resin curing 3D printer,

casting film with excellent release effect and decent surface flatness.

Thickness: 0.05mm/0.1mm/0.15mm/0.2mm for options;

Normal size: 5.5 inch(140*200mm), 8.9 inch(208*280mm), 10.1 inch(240*300mm);

Size can be customized as customers' requirements;

The steps of installing fep release film to the resin tank:

Key features of FEP film:

1. Extremely good adhesion with F4(PTFE), good heatsealing.
Under melting point, it didn't have chemical reaction with other material.
Beyond melting point, it has good adhesion with F4 and metal

2. Wide operating temperature-85 °C to 200 °C;

3. Aging resistance, long life(more than 20 years);

4. Excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals;

5. Good flame resistance;

6. Extremely smooth surface;

7. Non-stick, non-toxic, water proof and oil proof,Water wrapping angle: θ=114oC;

8. High transparency:
UV light and visiable light have good penetrating, compared with other plastic,

it has the lowest refraction coefficient.

9. Electricity reliability, high insulation Under 60HZ60MHZ, dielectric constant is 2.1. Even if firing,

and it will still insulate. Volume resistance > 10^18Ωm Surface resistance > 2 X 10^13Ω Voltaic

Arc >165 seconds insulation.

Datasheet of fluoropolymer materials: