Teflon big cut thick wall tube

PTFE big cut tube, mould pressing pipe

There are three types of PTFE tube

01.Paste Extruded Tube

    The tube is made by paste extruded with disperse rsin.

    0.5mm≤OD ≤ 25mm

    Length is according to customer's request.


02.Plug Extruded Tube

    The tube is made by plug extruded with suspension rsin.

    25mm≤OD ≤ 250mm

    Length is according to customer's request.


03.Molded Tube

    The tube is made by molded method.

    25mm≤OD ≤ 200mm

    50mm≤Length ≤ 300mm



  OD(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
Paste Extruded Tube 0.5~25 0.1~2.5 According to customer's request
Plug Extruded Tube 25~250 1.5~8 According to customer's request
Molded Tube 25~2000 5~500 100~300