Clear PFA welding band rod for PTFE products

1: round shape: diameter 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm;
2. flat shape:12*2.5mm, 14*2.5mm.

PFA welding rod for PTFE sheet/rod welding
The electrode by soluble polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA) resin after extrusion forming, excellent resistance to high and low temperature resistance, high insulation, corrosion resistance, non-combustible and not sticky, it also has a hot melt sealing, weldability, suitable for big - 85 oC ~ 260 oC temperature range of excellent material.

PFA kept four fluorine excellent chemical stability, mechanical properties, electrical insulation self-lubrication, not sticky incombustible and aging resistance of its outstanding characteristic is the number of melt viscosity is lower than F4, so the processing of its products is the common thermoplastic plastic molding method of high temperature stability performance is good, high mechanical strength is higher than PTFE about two times, and PFA softer than ptfe film, the resistance performance is good, good cracking resistance.

Welding is done by preheating the material with a hot air stream. The gun heats the air, but an air source must be provided by the gun. The welding rod is also preheated by the gun. When the materials are ready to be welded, the gun tip is simply run along the area where the weld is desired, feeding the welding rod manually in the process. The welding technique for PFA is similar to that used for polypropylene. However, the fusing temperature is much higher and added measures must be taken to ensure adequate ventilation.


Lining Bearing pads, seals, and electrical insulation, liner tube, insulator tubing, welding of PTFE products.

Cleverflon New Material Technology Co., Ltd is located in Yunpu Industrial Park, Huangpu district, Guangzhou city. Our branch factory is in development area in Kunshan city. We specialize in R&D and manufacturing fluoropolymer products: Release film, welding film, coil pipe, convoluted tubing, insulated flexible tubing, hydrophobic filter membrane, hydrophilic filter film, welding rod, sheet/rod, tubing connector, etc...Made from 100% virgin FEP/PFA/PTFE/PVDF/ETFE materials;
We are very expert in fluoroplastics field and committed to developing and supplying the cost efficient, high quality fluoropolymer products. And for regular specifications, we have lots of stocks, for odd specs, it could be customized, since we have advanced production and test equipments, expert technical engineers and skilled workers.
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Main Products:
1) FEP, F46 transparent tube, insulation tube, heat shrink tube, coil pipe, liner tube, bellows, painting tube, sheet, rod, film, welding rod;
2) PFA transparent tube, insulation tube, heat shrink tube, coil pipe, liner tube, bellows, painting tube, sheet, rod, film, welding rod, connector, tee, elbow, winding pipe;
3) Microporous PTFE membrane: EPTFE hydrophobic film, ePTFE hydrophilic film;
4) PTFE, F4 tube, liner tube, high pressure stainless steel braid hose, bellows, painting tube, sheet, rod, film, winding pipe;
5) PVDF, F26 tube, connector
6) ETFE film for solar modules, semiconductor, LED packaging and aircraft.
All the fluorine plastic products, we can accpet customized in special size.
Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, it can be used in -80~+260o C for a long time;
Outstanding resistance to climatic againg, fireproof, high oxygen index, non-absorbency;
Excellent resistance to radiation, such as long-term exposure in the atmosphere, the surface and various performance remind unchanged;
Excellent dielectric perfomance, high voltage resistance;
Excellent corrosion resistance, almost insoluble in any solvent, even in strong acid and strong alkali, say like aqua regia, Sodium Hydroxide NAOH, uranium pentafluoride;
Good abrasion resistance, static friction coefficient is the smallest of the plastic products;
Excellent self-Iubricating performance, it has distinctive non-sticky performance in surface; High Tensile strength.
Widely used in fields of Photovoltaic solar cell tube, semi-conductor equipment tube, Aerospace, instrumetation, Medical And Pharmaceutical Industries. Electronic appliances, Telecommunications. Petrochemical, Metallurgical electricity, House hold appliances, lighting. Air filtration in industrial of food, fermentation, pharmaceuticals and bioelectronics. Wastewater treatment, etc.

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