Hydrophobic gas permeable breathable Nano-microporous ePTFE film

Professional ePTFE Membrane Micro PTFE Film:

ePTFE Hydrophilic and hydropholic membrane has special funcitions of high breathability excellent chemistry stability,small friction quotiety high temperature resistanceetc. After laminated with the PP,PET& other woven No-woven fabrics, the dust collect rate could be above99.99%. It's the best choice for any kind of High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter and Liquid Filter.

Microporous membrane pore size can be controlled between 0.2 ~ 15μm, the thickness of 8um ~ 1mm, a porosity of 80 to 97%. Film has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, high temperature (-195 oC ~ +280 oC), the surface is smooth, strong hydrophobicity, after special treatment, can form super-hydrophobic and oleophobic, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet and other functional characteristics.

ePTFE biological filter bacteria membrane is manufactured by imported dispersion PTFE resin to form a porous membrane after biaxial stretching process and changed the state of the porous membrane material within the structure through process to form the dense heterogeneous porous membrane, with the membrane pore size basically controlled between 0.1um -0.2um, achieving interception of bacteria and viruses.

ePTFE membrane formed after modicine, food, chemical reagents purification engineering of biological tissue culture and filtration and bacteria trapped in other industries.

1,High temperature resistance, allowing repeated high temperature sterilization and high temperature gas filtration.
2,Super hydrophobic properties suitable for various types of fermentation tanks and other places to effectively trap airborne bacteria.
3,High chemical stability and corrosion resistance, allowing the diaphragm even in harsh environments can maintain stable filtration performance.