White teflon PTFE convoluted tubing F46 corrugated tube

PTFE corrugated tubing is made from PTFE resin and is corrugated by a special tool. It has the properties of abrasion-resistant under the condition of high and low temperature of -85 to 260 and chemical-resistance and can be used as protective sleeve to protect shield cable and bunch of wires in engine.
Have great flexible and bending performance, the minimum bend radius increases with pipe diameter growth, but it will not be retracted.

Use for PTFE F4 convoluted hose, flexible pipe
Cooling solution for the pharmaceutical industry, is highly corrosive liquid cooling conveyor
Wire corrosion protection tube and transfer the liquid medium, ultra-pure water pipe and other equipment.
Can be customized as per customers' sizes.

Datasheet of fluoropolymer materials