clear teflon FEP tube transparent plastic clear pipe F46 hose

FEP tubing F46 hose plastic flexible pipe

fep tube dispersion resins via paste extrusion temperature sintering pipes, excellent resistance to high temperature, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical properties, with no adhesion.
It is widely used in electric coated, anti-corrosion, insulating sheath sheath, and conveying gases, liquids catheter and automobile throttle lasso casing, spraying coating equipment, etc
It is suitable for national defense, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, electronics, communications, textile, automotive, aerospace household electrical appliances, etc
Made of 100% virgin FEP resin
LCD manufacturing equipment
Single fiber light-emitting whole body single-ended tube
Heat exchangers, steam piping
High-purity reagents Pipeline
A variety of corrosive media (harsh solvents) pipeline
Submersible motor with a slot insulation tube
Air-conditioning control wiring harness assembly,
All-inclusive fluoride O-ring plastic tube
High and low temperature
-200 ~ 200 °C high temperature
Not sticky, water fight, fight oil
Electricity reliability, high insulation
60HZ-60MHZ both high and low temperature dielectric constant 2.1.
Even if the surface due to flash over and the damage it does not produce conductive tracks.
Volume resistance> 1018Ωm
Surface resistance> 2 X 1013Ω
Arc> 165 seconds without leakage
Corrosion resistance
Only high temperature element fluorine, alkali metals and it works on all the other thick, dilute inorganic acids, alkalis, esters had no effect.
Low water absorption
Low suction rate of <0.01%
The air will not burn. (Oxygen index> 95vol.%)
Optical refractive index in the lowest of all plastics
Can be prolonged exposure to ozone, the sun
Easy processing of secondary
Can be self-appointed, self-welding can be flange, it can be set to control

Datasheet of fluoropolymer materials: