Clear High temperature 260C resistant PFA welding film

PFA fluoropolymer film is made from perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) resin. This film offers the highest continuous use temperature 260°C (500°F) of any melt-processable fluoropolymer film.In addition, PFA provides superior creep resistance at high temperatures, excellent low-temperature toughness, and exceptional flame resistance. With these superior attributes as well as enhanced flex life,PFA filmcan be a upgrade where FEP will not service the most demanding design hurdles.



F4 wax cloth belt, transmission belt combining adhibiting
F4 copper board inner adhibiting
Welding film
High temperature adhesive tape material
Anti-corrosion lining

Surface protecting material

Non-metal compensator in thermo-eletric plant

Flameproof electric machinery

1. Extremely good adhesion with F4, good heatsealing
Under melting point, it didn't have chemical reaction with other material.
Beyond melting point, it has good adhesion with F4 and metal
2. High and low temperature resistance
-85 ~ 260℃
3.Non-flammable,Not sticky, waterproof, oil proof

Water wrapping angle: θ=115℃
4. Electricity reliability, high insulation
Under 60HZ60MHZ, dielectric constant is 2.1. Even if firing, and it will
still insulate.
Volume resistance > 10^18Ωm
Surface resistance > 2 X 10^13Ω
Voltaic Arc > 165 seconds, insulation
5. High transparency
UV light and visiable light have good penetrating, compared with other
plastic, it has the lowest refraction coefficient

6. Weather resistance

Under ozone and sunshine for long time.

Cleverflon New Material Technology Co., Ltd is located in Yunpu Industrial Park, Huangpu district, Guangzhou city. Our branch factory is in development area in Kunshan city. We specialize in R&D and manufacturing fluoropolymer products: Release film, welding film, coil pipe, convoluted tubing, insulated flexible tubing, hydrophobic filter membrane, hydrophilic filter film, welding rod, sheet/rod, tubing connector, etc...Made from 100% virgin FEP/PFA/PTFE/PVDF/ETFE materials;
We are very expert in fluoroplastics field and committed to developing and supplying the cost efficient, high quality fluoropolymer products. And for regular specifications, we have lots of stocks, for odd specs, it could be customized, since we have advanced production and test equipments, expert technical engineers and skilled workers.
Therefore, welcome you to visit or contact us to have a communication and discussion of fluoropolymer products, and we will offer the best solution for you.
Main Products:
1) FEP, F46 transparent tube, insulation tube, heat shrink tube, coil pipe, liner tube, bellows, painting tube, sheet, rod, film, welding rod;
2) PFA transparent tube, insulation tube, heat shrink tube, coil pipe, liner tube, bellows, painting tube, sheet, rod, film, welding rod, connector, tee, elbow, winding pipe;
3) Microporous PTFE membrane: EPTFE hydrophobic film, ePTFE hydrophilic film;
4) PTFE, F4 tube, liner tube, high pressure stainless steel braid hose, bellows, painting tube, sheet, rod, film, winding pipe;
5) PVDF, F26 tube, connector
6) ETFE film for solar modules, semiconductor, LED packaging and aircraft.
All the fluorine plastic products, we can accpet customized in special size.
Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, it can be used in -80~+260o C for a long time;
Outstanding resistance to climatic againg, fireproof, high oxygen index, non-absorbency;
Excellent resistance to radiation, such as long-term exposure in the atmosphere, the surface and various performance remind unchanged;
Excellent dielectric perfomance, high voltage resistance;
Excellent corrosion resistance, almost insoluble in any solvent, even in strong acid and strong alkali, say like aqua regia, Sodium Hydroxide NAOH, uranium pentafluoride;
Good abrasion resistance, static friction coefficient is the smallest of the plastic products;
Excellent self-Iubricating performance, it has distinctive non-sticky performance in surface; High Tensile strength.
Widely used in fields of Photovoltaic solar cell tube, semi-conductor equipment tube, Aerospace, instrumetation, Medical And Pharmaceutical Industries. Electronic appliances, Telecommunications. Petrochemical, Metallurgical electricity, House hold appliances, lighting. Air filtration in industrial of food, fermentation, pharmaceuticals and bioelectronics. Wastewater treatment, etc.

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