non-stick self sealing heat melting film for sampling bag

Product Features:

1. Extremely good adhesion with F4, good heatsealing
Under melting point, it didn't have chemical reaction with other material.
Beyond melting point, it has good adhesion with F4 and metal
2. High and low temperature resistance
-200 ~ 200℃
3. Not sticky, waterproof, oil proof
Water wrapping angle: θ=114℃
4. Electricity reliability, high insulation
Under 60HZ60MHZ, dielectric constant is 2.1. Even if firing, and it will still insulate.
Volume resistance > 10^18Ωm
Surface resistance > 2 X 10^13Ω
Voltaic Arc > 165 seconds, insulation
5. High transparency
UV light and visiable light have good penetrating, compared with other plastic, it has the
lowest refraction coefficient