FEP coil pipe & tube

Features: Main characteristics are large flexible and bending performance ,and the minimum bend radius increases with the pipe diameter,increases

Usage: Cooling solution for the pharmaceutical industry,highly corrosive liquid cooling conveyor Wire corrosion protection tube and liquid transmission medium , ultra-pure water equipment etc.

Utilization Characteristic:
High and low temperature resistance 
FEP-200℃~200℃ PFA-200℃~260℃
Not sticky, waterproof ,oil proof
Security and insulation
Under 60HZ 60MHZ ,dielectric constant is 2.1
Even if firing ,and it will be still insulate
Volume resistance >1018 Ωm
Surface resistance >2×1013Ω
Voltaic Arc >165 seconds ,insulation
Only under high temperature ,fluorine and alkali will have chemical reaction, no reaction with all of other thick and thin inorganic acid, alkali ,ester
Low water absorption<0.01%
Non inflammability
Non inflammability in air (oxygen index >95vol.%)
Non hazardous
With physical inertia
High transparency
Lowest refractive index in plastic material
Weather resistance 
Under ozone and sunshine for long time
Easy to process for second time 
Self-close,self joining ,flanging, and it can make into coil pipe.