PTFE tube /F4 virgin white flexible tube

Flexible PTFE tubing:
2. good flexibility
4:100% virgin PTFE resin


Flexible PTFE tubing  With larger round and flexibility,

The minimum bending radius increased with the pipe diameter and growth, but it does not have flexibility.

Use of PTFE (PTFE, F4) pipe, made by the rotating spiral hose corrugated shape, as the hose wire protection tube forhandling corrosive liquid medium and etc.

Can customize various specifications according to customers' requirements.

PTFE tube produced in PTFE dispersion resin through high temperature sintering , it has excellent performance of high and low temperature resistance ,corrosion resistance ,wear resistance ,electrical properties with no adhesion ,its widely used in wear sleeve, corrosion sleeve , insulation sleeve ,the transmission of gas and liquid pipe and automotive throttle sleeve ,

Paint spray equipment .apply to national defense ,chemical ,pharmaceutical , petroleum ,electronics ,telecommunications ,textile , automotive , aerospace and appliance industries.

Main properties

Properties                                                          Unit                                     Result

Apparent density                                               g/cm3                              2.10 -- 2.20

Tensile strength (min)≥                                     MPa                                      20

Ultimate elongation (min)≥                                %                                         200

Residual Lubricant content (max) < % 0.5