high transparent Teflon FEP heat shrink tube F46 shrinkable sleeve

FEP heat shrinkable tube Transparent F46 shrink sleeve
it can be shrinkable after heated
Bear strong sour alkali
shrinkage ratio,1.3:1 
wall thickness:0.1~0.5mm 
A wide range of practicable temperature:
-85 - 200C 
Not adhesive, working together with water and oil:
Water contact angle: =114
Not flammable:
It won't inflame in the air,(Index of oxygen>95vol%)
Corrosive resistance:
Element F only acts on alkali metals in high temperature,It doesn't work with other thick or thin acid, alkali and ester.
Dielectric property, high insulated:
60Hz-60MNz dielectric constant is 2.1,no matter in high or low temperature..
There won't be electric conduction even though the surface which is damaged by flashover.
Volume resistance >1018m
Sheet resistance >1013
Arc resistance >165 seconds lead proof 
Low friction:
Coefficient of dynamic friction:0.2-0.3

Datasheet of fluoropolymer materials: