clear PFA heat shrinkable tube insulated PFA sleeve

PFA heat shrink pipe

Printing press roller wrap
Office machinery roll wrap
Paper roll wrap machine
Coated roller printing machine
Insulating sheath
The main rotor insulation
Water Treatment

Oil and other industries like magma system

Utilization features:
-85 - 260 C
Not sticky, water fight, fight oil
Water contact angle = 115
The air will not burn (oxygen index> 95VOL%)
Corrosion resistance
Only high temperature element fluorine, alkali metals and it works on all the other thick, dilute inorganic acids, alkalis, esters had no effect
Electricity reliability, high insulation
60HZ-60MHZ high dielectric constant viscosity at low temperatures are 2.1. Even if the surface damage due to diving and can not produce conductive tracks.
Volume resistance> 1018M
Surface resistance> 1013
Arc> 165 seconds without leakage
Low friction

Dynamic friction coefficient of 0.2-0.3

Datasheet of fluoropolymer materials: