FEP winding pipe PFA Spiral Wrap Tubing insulated tube

1.Electric insulation performance

F46 resin volume resistivity is very high, generally greater than 1015 Ω., the temperature change is small,

also is not affected by water and moisture.Arc resistance is greater than the 165 s.

F46 niche to reduce thickness increase, more than 1 mm thickness, the breakdown voltage of more than 30 kv/mm,

but I can't change the temperature changes.

2. Performance

This product is spirally cut at the same time it extrude a tube PFA /FEP resin which is a kind of fluoro-resin.

This spirally tube has the outstanding feature which a fiuoro-resin has. They are heat resistance, chemical resistance,

anti-stick property,electrical insulation properties,etc.

It is suitable for wiring union in high temperature atmosphere etc.