The effect of flocculant bad reason have?

2018/12/20 8:55:41

There are many kinds of flocculant, whatever the flocculant, user value most is the use effect, but tend to the truth is you don't want to encounter any questions just meet what problem, then what are the cause of flocculant effect is not good?
Polyacrylamide is 3 flocculant and organic flocculant dosage on the market of the largest, flocculant products in the main role in the sewage is suspended solids in water absorption, mainly is gathered, separation, precipitation or buoyancy.
The cause of bad effect of flocculant has the following kinds:
A, water quality, water quality has played a decisive role;
Second, the water temperature, too high or too low temperature go against the dissolution of flocculant, the water temperature rise will improve the flocculation effect, under the condition of low temperature, must increase the dosage of flocculant. On the other hand, the water temperature is too high, the flocculation of fine, sludge moisture content increases, difficult to handle. So, the water temperature too high or too low for flocculation. General water temperature conditions should be controlled in 20 to 30 ℃.
Three, the condition of water PH, flocculant has its suitable PH range, beyond the scope of it will influence the flocculation effect. For example, PAM. Cationic polyacrylamide CPAM is suitable for used in acidic and neutral environment, anionic PAM is suitable for use in neutral and alkaline environment, non-ionic PAM applies from strongly acidic to alkaline environment.