Import polyacrylamide additive amount of sludge dehydration effect

2018/12/20 8:55:22

Many factors will have an impact on the effect of PAM treatment sludge, such as the nature of the sludge treatment equipment, PAM to add the amount of the sludge, and this article Shanghai east bao chemical emphasis to introduce the polyacrylamide, and the effects of adding quantity of sludge dewatering ~ ~
Change will inevitably change sludge properties after reforming technique of polyacrylamide to add quantity, the amount of adding PAM has great influence on the effects of sludge dewatering, the need to experiment to determine!
We must remember, PAM add quantity is little, will not be enough to improve sludge dewatering performance; Dosing amount is much, the dehydration effect not only cannot improve may decline, and it can aggravate the burden of dewatering equipment, increase the amount of sludge after dehydration, and increase the cost of sludge dewatering.
In addition, there are large amount of PAM dosing of viscosity may be the cause of sludge, the sludge from the filter cloth or hard filter with peeling, causing difficulties in operation.