PH value affect the use of polyacrylamide

2018/12/20 8:54:32

Polyacrylamide is a kind of chemical reagents, as everybody knows, chemical reagents at the time of reaction is influenced by many factors, such as affected by temperature, PH, stirring speed, in front of a lot of articles have described the influence of temperature and stirring speed of polyacrylamide, let as polyacrylamide manufacturer we detailed introduce to everybody how PH affects polyacrylamide flocculation effect!
PH can affect the activity of enzymes, bacteria, the utilization rate of substrate and the structure of a cell, which affects the growth of bacteria and product synthesis. Too high or too low pH value is not only affect the synthesis of biological flocculating agent, and increase my cost. In the experiment, the mediation of fermentation medium initial pH value were 5.0, 6.0, 5, 6.0 and 7.0, the shaking table speed of 140 r/min, the temperature of 30 ℃ under the condition of cultivation of 24 h, initial pH value test on flocculation effects of bacteria.
Test results:
It can be seen that in BF dosing quantity is 4 mL, AlCl3 dosing quantity of 0.8 mL polyacrylamide decolorization rate is as high as 90.3%, supernatant chromaticity 30 pcu) after (double dilution. At the same time measured the turbidity removal rate is as high as 96.9%.
That is about the PH value of polyacrylamide flocculation effect analysis, hope to be of help.