On the standard of flocculant in water treatment

2018/12/20 8:54:13

Now, our water treatment plants using the water treatment agent is flocculating agent, it is not just that flocculant has a good effect of purifying water quality, and the flocculating agent in the work quantity and delivery quality can get good control. At the same time, the flocculant can also be very good after using out does not affect water quality.
Mixing facilities is the basic requirement of reagent and the water must be rapid mixing. Mixing facilities sort is more, the main pump, tubular mix, hydraulic and mechanical mix and so on. Flocculation facilities, is the basic requirement of raw water and medicament after mixing the flocculation facilities should be visible to the naked eye to form large, dense flocs.
Basically has: most common ways of dosing pump before adding the gravity, high solution pool dosing, water ejector dosing and metering pumps dosing. Dissolved PAM flocculating agent needs to have a certain temperature, in order to accelerate the dissolution rate, the suitable temperature for the dissolution of 50 \ 60 ≧, used when conveying pump piston or diaphragm pump. PAM is a key link in the process of dissolving feeding evenly dispersed, generally to heat the water solution to 50 \ 60 ≧. To start the mixer, using mechanical vibrating screen mesh feeding, avoid to produce in large crumb, fisheye hard particles, special attention should be paid to is dissolved in mixing and conveying dosing system, plastic, enamel, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials, avoid contact with the iron.
PAM dosing quantity, according to different water quality, and the characteristics of the water purification process, through the experiment to determine, under normal circumstances dosing amount of coagulant aid according to the size of the reaction tank. The flocculation reaction pool divided into two categories, hydraulic agitator and mechanical agitator. More than 50 mg/L in the water of the season, PAM and other anionic flocculant in the primary treatment constructs pool before adding the more appropriate. The less when the content of suspended solids, before the filter dosing more appropriate.